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Starting in 2013, Toby Crispy teams up with various artisans and professionals to reform the clothes, relive the stories and refresh the souls through her upcycling creativity at

FashionClinic by T and SLOW STiTCH NOMAD.

"Each and every piece of clothing corresponds to an imprint of a time period,

resembling a calendar that resides within the wardrobe."


DRESS iN TiME  / 2023.09.01 - 2024.01.07
Over 130 slow-stitched patterns and stories created by participants in the previous "SLOW STiTCH NOMAD @ Oi!" project are transformed into upcycled wearable art with elements of moving images and lighting effects to demonstrate the collective memories of the city and the flow of time, and exhibit at Oil Street Art Space, Hong Kong.

New Balance "Retro Futurism" exhibition / 2021.09-10
100+ off-season products have been upcycled into 100 bento bags as gifts with purchase and combined with the old showpieces of Hong Kong singer-songwriter Candy Lo into 2 wearable artworks.


Patagonia "Recrafted" exhibition + "Worn Wear" service / 2021.10
5 pieces of Patagonia defected samples are transformed into multi-styled refashion pieces and 71 pieces of wearable stories have been refashioned within those 7 days.

Yet Another Dream / 2021.11
Transformed 5-thousand square feet of fabric from used bedsheets and curtains donated by Eaton Hotel into a like-mountain-like-cloud textile installation initiated by anothermountainman's visual design for the contemporary music performance of Fung

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Why Crispy?

Throwback to a poem I wrote when I created the Crispies in 2002.

"Crispies are firefly genies,
Dwelling in great primacy,
Air breathes freshly,

Water reflects limpidly,
Crispies are no oldies,
Language in utmost simplicity,
Live & joy of great proficiency."

That's why I name myself

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