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SLOW STiTCH NOMAD @ Oi! / 13.11.2022 - 12.05.2023 (中文)

Presented by Leisure and Cultural Services Department / Organised by Oi!


A participatory art project to reconnect people, hands and stories through collecting 1) old photos 2) writings  3) drawings about Hong Kong stories and transforming them into embroideries on pieces of upcycled wearable art.

Walking through "Time Wardrobe" back to Oi!, the best model of upcycling the eras. Let’s imagine the sound of waves beginning from the yacht club, and together we stitch up the beautiful streets.


Length of time, breadth of heart, temperature of matter, depth of story.

S T i T C H

The pronunciation of "黹" and "ji" is the same. The fingers and the wrist are slightly rotating while every part of the nerves is dancing rhythmically with the needle and thread on the cloth. The forgotten gentle touch and interaction with the body and soul are now reconnected, is it "forgotten" or "unforgettable"?


Everywhere is home, live in the heart.
What is home? It can be as simple as a feeling of safety and calm.

"Your true home is here and now, without boundaries of time, space, nationality or race. Your true home is not an abstract idea, but something you can touch and live in the moment." Thich Nhat Hanh said.

Be a "SLOW STITCH NOMAD", build a home in your heart anytime anywhere, and find your peace through remaking your clothes.

Our ancestors lived from nomadic life to today's nomadism. We have evolved from primitive Ronin to futuristic ideological travellers. For the unchanging essence of life, let us continue in our ways.

Slow down, go back to where we started, and regain our hard-earned life wisdom.

Look back on how we got here from the past, relearn the skills that our ancestors taught us, and preserve what we want to pass down to the future.

Let our collective stitching creation become a human landscape that stitches people's hearts together, inheriting hard-won craftsmanship, and reconstructing a new look of community space.

Creative direction and curation by Toby Crispy

Spatial design by AJAR

Graphic design & upcycled poster by Po Hung

Video documentary by Jiu Jik Park


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DRESS iN TiME  / 2023.09.01 - 2024.01.07
Finally, over 130 slow-stitched patterns and stories created by participants in the previous "SLOW STiTCH NOMAD @ Oi!" project are transformed into upcycled wearable art with elements of moving images and lighting effects to demonstrate the collective memories of the city and the flow of time, and exhibit at Oil Street Art Space, Hong Kong.

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