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At minä perhonen, Kyoto / 2018

A 3-day work at minä perhonen in Kyoto for redesigning an off-season dress into a draw-string top and a hat with egg shaped brim.


Exhibition at Pleasure, Nagoya / 2018

Redesign exhibition alongside with Japanese upcycling fashion brand, Atelier Rei, at Pleasure, a select shop in Nagoya.

Shobu x Toby.jpg

The Umbrella Dress / 2018

An upcycled dress combines traditional bogagi patchwork and the embroidery made by

Machiko Ikeyama from Shobu Gakeun, Kagoshima.

I also give a new mission to my broken umbrella that had sheltered me for 5 years.

"I am fascinated by Machiko’s work! It seems like a profound philosopher's thinking path to me. Machiko’s work is doubled sided, as you can look at it from both the front and back of her embroidery, that is why I deliberately used see-through material for our collaboration piece. In order to show my appreciation and respect, I preserved the originality of her embroidery, coupled with my story and inspiration on this journey. I combined traditional Korean patchwork technique, ‘bojagi’ and the frame of my umbrella which I have used for five years and was broken during the trip, to make this upcycled umbrella-shaped dress."

Photo by Phoebe Wong Hoi San

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