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Exhibition at Cabinet of Stories / 2019

In collaboration with Storyteller, Fashion Clinic collaborated with Siu Loy and Mandy Chiu who created a series of illustrations about upcycling and mending garments, inspired by the British ‘make do and mend’ philosophy.


The Fashion Milagros / 2019
Co-created with So Wan, we pay tribute to the masterpieces. We re-experienced how were created and recreate the key details into multi-purpose accessories for different looks.
They are all made of unbleached and half-processed calico from the stock fabric market.

We hope the multi-styled apparels are like “Milagros”, which means “miracles”, found in many areas of Latin America, especially Mexico and Peru, bringing good feeling and connection.


"Equal Love" at K11 Art Mall / 2016

The first ever upcycled fashion exhibition in Hong Kong

The first ever zero waste art exhibition in Hong Kong showing 12 upcycled fashion-art pieces, with textile art made of the leftover parts and scrap from another redesign projects.

長 衫 狂 想 曲 Cheongsam Rhapsody / 19.11 - 04.12.2022

A fashion story of Sham Shui Po with the century-old cheongsams that reflect the lives of the past and provoke the reimagination of the future of cheongsam with the event’s exhibition, talks and workshops.

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