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The Trashed Nature / 2016

A zero-waste upcycled art exhibition at Laboratory for Taiwan Eastcoast Land Art Festival in Taitung.

As we all cannot deny that we’re facing to severe environmental & social crisis due to over-consumption; our earth is taking tons of usable trash everyday in everywhere. It’s impossible for the landfill to digest such a gigantic amount of trash in irrational speed. Upcycling usable trash in an artistic way is my mission, I collected abandoned textile waste plus disposable waste (e.g. plastic bottles or anything disposable  picked up from nature…) to simulate the beauty of the natural environment in Taitung, in order to let audiences introspect that we may need to re-build such naturally-given environment with our trash in the future, because we ruin all natural resources with underestimation of their value and the natural law.

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