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Slow Stitch Project / SINCE 2020

A virus divides us, a needle stitched us together.


An ongoing project that advocates Slow Fashion through multifaceted activities, including online to offline teaching, workshops, publishing, participatory art and exhibition.

To bring back the ethos of respect to the art of clothes making, it aims to reconnect the community, general public and the future fashion designers to co-create and join in the model of change, and bring back the style and purpose to the overlooked world of sewing. Thereby it also re-educates the quality of design and recovers the mindful soul through the process.


We don’t need a hundred billion tons of production per year,

only the clothes having good quality and emotional value deserve to be made and last long.


We offer a viable, wearable alternative to love fashion in a sustainable and sensible way.

Have a coffee and enjoy our slow stitch exercises


Slow Stitch Nomad / 2020 - 2021

A project supported by Design Trust / MA Fashion at Hong Kong Polytechnic University / Viva Blue House

Amidst the confusion of 2020, I propped up the Slow Stitch Nomad shelter, hoping to construct an intimate space without restriction of time and place, and to heal the soul through slow stitching.

The project is supported by Design Trust that includes the redesign project with the MA fashion students of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the participatory art event at Viva Blue House.


Slow Stitch / SINCE 2020.05

Column in Obscura Magazine

Talk with the inspiring Slow Stitch advocates around the world in the beautiful bilingual Obscura Magazine.

Luxarity Patchwork Project / 2020.11 - 2020.12

Customization service commissioned by Lane Crawford

Toby Crispy and her team hand sew the recycled materials from 4 designer labels (Anya Hindmarch / Song of The Mute / Shushu/tong / Angel Chen) on the Equil sweatshirts. To give joy and give love at the same time by donating a portion of the proceed from this project to Food Angel, an NGO which provides food to the underprivileged in Hong Kong.


Slow Stitch Diary / 2020.11 - 2020.12

A series of workshops commissioned by deTour 2020, PMQ

Fashion records time and history with clothing and style. The changes in fashion indicate different phases of our lives. In this workshop, Toby Crispy designed three PMQ-inspired embroidery motifs, and let participants embroider the historical Hong Kong landmark, memories of old places and things on their old clothes, and bring their “time journey” home.


Embroidering Stories / 2020.05

An online workshop commissioned by CHAT, The Mills.

David Medalla's artwork A Stitch in Time invites visitors to attach a keepsake or memorable item to the hanging fabric displayed at CHAT’s Arcade.

Echoing alongside, I am honoured to hold a workshop to teach you stitches which allow you to ‘draw with a needle’ or attach items to a pre-loved garment or fabric. Decorate a preloved garment (i.e.: a jacket, a pair of jeans, a shirt) with words or a small item (i.e.: a stone, a small toy, an odd earring whose pair got lost)

A Stitch in Time / 2020.11 - 2020.12

A series of workshops at Galet Antique

Teaching in four workshops in a row on every Friday night in this beautiful space, we use our old clothes, needles and thread as paper and pen, to record our life — by hand, through image transfer / handwriting embroidery / live plant embroidery / modified Indian mirror work.

Make Your Wearable Art / 2020.04 - 2020.06

A series of workshops at Sin Sin Fine Art

Through exploring the basic skills of clothes making including

pattern making / hand sewing techniques / basic embroidery stitches,

compose your own wearable art that reflects your style and spirit. We – the wearers can be original, authentic and resourceful.

Slow Stitch Workshops / 2020.05

A series of workshops at Cabinet of Stories

Hide in the peaceful sanctuary to relearn the fundamental theory and hand make your own hats that reflect your style.

Reconnecting with our slow soul through stitching, take some time to relearn and restart with a sustainable lifestyle.

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Voice Off, Heart On. / 2020.03

Island stitching by Toby

A beautiful article by Jas Tse and photos by Kodi Wan in Obscura Magazine that records my kick-starting of 2020 with a series of workshops in a secret space on Peng Chau Island.